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Last weekend I visited UCSD to view the Stuart Collection. I had actually heard of it  from my parents after they raved about a house overhanging the edge of one of the buildings on campus. I viewed their pictures they took and found it very interesting.

I decided to tour the campus first on my bicycle; since I always carry it with me parking is never a worry. I really appreciate the beauty at UCSD and in a way makes CSUSM seem very bland. Of course it is a very hard comparison and there is a reason why that school is as nice as it is. Despite the size, and great geography/location one thing that our school can appreciate is the use of Art. Most people may never visit an art display unless they are Art majors. The value of art can easily be ignored which is what many artists are experiencing in this shifting time. I feel art should in fact be recognized more, and art at UCSD is a great model that should be used everywhere and not just schools.

I have always recognized UCSD for the abstract library because it reminds me of something extra terrestrial. What I never noticed before were the colored doors since I have never been inside until now. The concept is genius and I am surprised I haven’t seen this used elsewhere. The piece, Read Write Think Dream is a very simple concept of color change yet it is very effective. We learned about combining colors to achieve different colors many years ago, but this is now that model everyone can acknowledge everyday. The piece that most interested me was Fallen Star by Do Huh Soh. You would have to be blind to oversee a house that overhangs the edge of the building. It looks like it is about to fall, and the piece contains a lot of suspense. It reminds me of something from Dr. Seuss and I’m jealous we don’t have anything interesting to look at on our campus.  Another piece that stole my interest was the giant bear from stones, and I wonder how they assembled it. I wondered if it were drilled before with anchors before they cemented it together or if it truly were a balancing act one stone at a time while getting cemented. The smaller art pieces were all of interest and some you couldn’t avoid like the snake path. I viewed everything and also enjoyed the mini Stonehenge piece. It reminded me of the ancient stones I had seen in pictures of England. I have always wondered about those, and I think this piece helps us see there are no boundaries with art, and the value of art is ancient and should never die.

I enjoyed all of the Stuart Collection at UCSD and I feel art should be more public and not confined to museums and certain locations. I feel every community should offer art expression, and it would drive certain local artists to push their passion more.  Escondido has some art on Centre City Parkway, and this is an example of community art that should be used more. Since not everyone is able to go to art, we should bring art to them. It is sad that this strategy is only one that is effective, but our blinders are only getting larger, and the value of art may one day be lost.